Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Control

If your employees are surfing the web to research potential suppliers or partners, how can you be sure that they won't inadvertently visit sites that automatically download malware… directly onto your corporate network? Find out more about why security risks are not just a big company problem…

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New Kaspersky Lab Technologies Will Protect Businesses from Rogue Employees

Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab said, "We are continually developing and implementing new protection technologies in order to provide businesses with the most effective security solutions. Crucially, we develop anti-malware protection that meets…

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 Wins 3 New Awards

Kaspersky Lab has been listed as a Top Player in the Market Quadrant for Endpoint Security Platforms 2012 by The Radicati Group. …

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During testing Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows detected all malware samples and successfully treated an infected system, placing it ahead of all the other corporate solutions...

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Up against 37 other solutions for business and server platforms, Kaspersky Lab's corporate product successfully blocked 100% of malware without generating a single false positive. That impressive performance earned the Kaspersky solution its fourth VB100 award…

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Kaspersky Lab Receives 'Award of Excellence' 2012

Kaspersky Lab's 'Be Ready for What's Next' marketing campaign received an 'Award of Excellence' in the Integrated Marketing category at the "B2 Awards", ahead of major global IT players. 'Be Ready for What's Next' is an ongoing B2B campaign successfully used for …

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Kaspersky Lab Rolls Out all new Security Suite to Combat Emerging Mac Threats

As the market share of Apple computers grows, cybercriminals are paying much more attention to it. The result is a steady growth in the number of malicious programs for Macs, and a number of highly dangerous incidents that are emerging…

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Zeus Is Not Dead and Living in Your Phone

The malware known as ZeuS (and the botnet) may be alive and well in your smartphone. ZeuS has popped up again in an unlikely place - your RIM device or Blackberry. Kaspersky Lab and their research reported …

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Regional Update:

Kaspersky Lab Confident of Securing 70 Percent of Malaysian Market Share

"Kaspersky is at present the market leader for secure content and threat management. But if we want to grow further, then we need to find new areas," said Jimmy Fong following the launch of the 2013 Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) and Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) here.

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Pop Quiz of the Month

1. Zeus Has Resurfaced in the following devices except:
A. Blackberry Mobile Device
B. Android Tablet Device
C. Windows Phone Device

2. Malwares have evolved and can now directly download themselves onto your corporate network. Is this statement True?
B. No

3. Kaspersky Endpoint Control allows you to control the following on the network:
A. Applications
B. Mobile Deviced
C. Websites
D. All of the Above

All correct entries will win a mystery gift from Kaspersky Lab. Please send your answers to enews.asia@kaspersky.com

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Ed’s Note.

CSO Forum – a leading Indian b2b IT publication recently conducted a survey among large Indian customers on what it takes for CISO or CIO to decide a security solution. Through the survey, CISO/CIOs voted for the most preferred vendors in the various sub-domains of information security. It gives me great pride to announce that Kaspersky Lab was voted one of the top preferred Endpoint Security Vendors. Another evidence of the fact that Kaspersky business solutions are now being preferred by customers with mission-critical information security requirements is the recent closure of a large deal in India for 10,000 licenses of Kaspersky Security for Mail Server (Lotus Domino), which easily qualifies as one of the largest orders across APAC for such a solution.

Altaf Halde,
Managing Director,
Kaspersky Lab South Asia.

Customer Speaks

"We are glad to have made the right choice in selecting Kaspersky as it gives superb end-point security protection to the bank. With the world class proven technology, Kaspersky gives us the peace of mind, and we can get on with our business of providing the best online banking experience to out customers."

D. M. Jahangir Rabbani,
Principal Officer ICT Division, Data Center.

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